5 Ways To Get More Horsepower Out Of Your Car

Getting more horsepower out of your engine isn't just about hitting top speeds while cruising through the highway. Rather, a high horsepower can help you get out of tricky situations since your car will be able to accelerate a lot quicker. Moreover, the additional power helps you maintain a quick pace while driving through rugged terrain or going uphill without overstressing the engine.

But if your car doesn't have a naturally powerful engine, how can you enhance its power output? Swapping out your current car for a high-performance model is not a practical option due to the cost and hassle involved. However, there are modifications you can make to increase your engine's horsepower and performance. 

While some of these modifications may require a mechanic's expertise, you can also go the DIY route, in most cases, if you're willing to put in some elbow grease. Just make sure you're sourcing the required parts from reliable manufacturers or dealers so you're assured of the quality and compatibility of the parts with the specific model you own.

Install a cold air intake

Modern vehicles have pretty efficient air intakes. However, they're designed to suit the average driver's performance needs, balancing noise level and fuel efficiency. Given this, a stock air intake has its limitations when it comes to maximizing airflow to the engine. This is where a cold air intake can help.

Cold air is denser than warm air. This essentially means that the colder the air is, the more oxygen it contains. When cold air enters the combustion chamber through the cold air intake, the extra oxygen enhances the combustion efficiency. This, in turn, translates to a better power output.

The good news is that changing your vehicle's stock air intake is fairly straightforward. You can DIY the process if you can locate your original air filter and put in a little bit of elbow grease to install the new intake. There are plenty of online guides available that can walk you through the process. That said, you can also get the intake replaced by a certified mechanic. This will ensure proper fit and optimal performance of the new intake.

Once the new intake is installed, you should notice a difference in your vehicle's performance and possibly even the fuel efficiency. While increased horsepower is the most obvious advantage of swapping your car's air intake filter, another perk is that aftermarket air intakes are usually washable, which means you won't have to replace the intake from time to time.