Where Are Triumph Motorcycles Made, And Who Owns The Company Now?

Triumph Motorcycles is a company headquartered in the U.K. that produces a range of different bikes, including the Sport, Adventure, Modern Classic, Motocross, and Roadster. The company has a storied history in Britain, dating back over 120 years. From humble beginnings working with bicycles and sewing machines, Triumph continued to build upon the success of its initial foray into motorcycles, becoming a major distributor of bikes to the Allies during World Wars I and II. Triumph motorcycles were also featured in Hollywood films, with multiple models among the most famous movie motorcycles of all time.

For most of its history, Triumph made its motorcycles in the U.K. However, British production would start to slow around 2002, while locations in Thailand sprang up and took over much of the company's manufacturing. Of the six Triumph factories currently in operation, three are in Chonburi, Thailand, two in Hinckley in the U.K., and one in Manaus, Brazil. While Triumph is hardly the first automotive manufacturer to shift production outside its origin country, some enthusiasts have expressed disappointment. 

Why did they shift away from UK production?

In 2020, Triumph told Leicestershire Live that changing market conditions, more competition, and a surge of interest from Asia had motivated the company to move manufacturing to Thailand. Per Triumph, when other motorcycle manufacturers started making their bikes in different areas around the globe, prices became more competitive across the industry.

However, as of 2022, Triumph Motorcycles announced an increase of up to 20,000 of their bikes being made in the English Hinckley factory. This move coincides with renewed interest in Triumph bikes in the U.K. and across Europe. This decision could help influence customers who are reluctant to purchase bikes made outside of England.

In 2023, Triumph saw growth in several markets around the world, such as Latin America (up 19.5%), East Europe (up 28.8%), and Asia (up 7.3%), according to Motorcycles Data. While the iconic motorcycle manufacturer has seen plenty of sales slumps throughout the years, business is currently trending up.

Who owns Triumph Motorcycles?

Triumph Motorcycles Limited is owned by Bloor Holdings Limited, headed by British real estate billionaire John Bloor. Bloor stepped in during the late 1980s, one of the darkest periods for Triumph Motorcycles, with the company deep in debt and struggling against Japanese competitors like Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. Bloor would put millions of his own money on the line to get production going on a massive scale, rebuilding the Hinckley factory with cutting-edge assembly technology and expanding its model base.

Over the next several decades, Bloor would continue to invest in Triumph Motorcycles, growing the company and producing several new and exciting models. Offering a wide variety of model types, the company continues to offer fans exciting new options to choose from, along with the latest versions of the best Triumph Motorcycles ever made. The business has also expanded into a comprehensive lineup of accessories and clothing so fans can show their support for the classic brand.