Is Chevrolet Building A Camaro SUV?

The idea of a Camaro SUV might initially be met with confusion or skepticism. After all, the Camaro was one of the original muscle cars: The first Camaro debuted all the way back in 1966 as Chevrolet's answer to the soaring popularity of the Ford Mustang. Since then, Chevy's iconic sports car has thrived for decades. Camaros have even made it to the movies as classics of American muscle. 

So, now the automaker wants to make an SUV version of the iconic car? Well, not so fast. 

Speculation has gone into overdrive regarding the Camaro's future since Chevrolet stopped production of the current model in January of this year. Perhaps auto enthusiasts expect this move from Chevrolet because their competitor recently released the Ford Mustang Mach-E, an electric Mustang SUV. We've already reported on fan-infuriating rumors that the next Camaro could go electric and even change body styles to a four-door sedan. Why not an SUV? On the one hand, some might be interested in the new model as a novel concept. In contrast, others (particularly fans of the original muscle car) may immediately turn away from this idea. So, when and where did this Camaro SUV conjecture start, and what is confirmed?

The sixth-gen Camaro is being discontinued

One bit of news that always gets the automotive community buzzing is when a carmaker decides to discontinue a well-known and long-lasting vehicle model. Chevrolet is saying goodbye to the sixth-gen Camaro. The 2023 Camaro sold only 31,029 units, down from 91,314 in 2012. The sixth-generation Camaro never attained real muscle car status compared to its rivals, leaving the iconic name on the chopping block. An icon like the Camaro vanishing from production lines can be a difficult pill to swallow for some. Per the Chevrolet pressroom, 2024 will be the last year to buy the Camaro sports car, at least in its current form.

Interestingly, in the same press release from March 2023 states "this is not the final chapter for [the] nameplate." It's likely speculation kicked into high gear following this news, with fans wondering what the automaker has planned for the future. While Chevrolet's sports car sales have declined, and competitors like the Mustang and the Challenger have outperformed the Camaro on the market, Camaro is still a widely recognizable name. From a business standpoint, Camaro branding would garner a lot of attention attached to an all-new vehicle.