What's The Difference Between Tesla Model S And Model 3?

Buying a new car is not a decision to take lightly. A model chosen in haste that doesn't fit your needs could cost you a lot over time and never reach even a fraction of its potential. Research is the key to ensuring your vehicle is right for you in the long run (should you intend to keep driving it long-term).

With a Tesla, there's even more to consider, especially if you're new to the emerging world of electric vehicles. The EV movement is continually gaining momentum, with Kelley Blue Book stating they achieved around 1.2 million sales in the U.S. in 2023, according to Cox Automotive. Tesla has long been a force in the EV space, so the company has had to be flexible. Adapting and expanding its range has been a crucial element for Tesla, in its continued attempts to try and cover the different things potential customers might want in such a vehicle.

Those beginning to look into Tesla's offerings may wonder what the difference is between the Tesla Model S and Model 3. Let's compare the specs and variations of the two different Teslas.

The price disparity between the Model S and Model 3

One of the most important factors between two different vehicles in the eyes of a customer will be the cost. In that regard, the disparity is certainly stark.

Tesla reports that a rear-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 starts at $35,990 rising to $42,990 for the Model 3 Long Range. With those figures in mind, Tesla's Model S is a much more intimidating financial proposition. The Dual Motor edition of this model costs $74,990, but those seeking the Tri-Motor version instead face an outlay of $89,990. Financial options such as a monthly lease of around $329 ($246 after potential savings are applied) apply for the Model 3, and then it's approximately $999 (potentially $891) per month for the Model S. 

The bottom line is that the Model S is much more expensive than the Model 3. While this may be an enormous factor for those looking to choose between the two, another has to be this: How does that translate to a specs difference between the two Teslas? Let's see what's under their unique EV hoods.