The 5 Best Budget-Friendly Tools Worth Buying From Do It Best

It doesn't matter if you're a professional contractor or just looking to do a few repairs around the house; having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. Quality gear can be expensive, though. Even stocking your garage with basic hand tools can cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, there are a few retailers that can help save you a bit of money.

One of those retailers is Do It Best. This is a smaller hardware chain than Lowes or Home Depot. It can't always compete with the big box stores' prices, but it does offer a handful of highly affordable items that can help you get the tools you need without breaking the bank. In fact, Do It Best isn't just a retailer. It's also a manufacturer. It has its own store brand of the same name, offering even cheaper versions of the name-brand products you would find at other stores. The trick is to look at what the retailer has in stock and then compare the prices and specifications to similar products sold by other stores to find the best bargains on quality hardware. Picking your way through the company's entire catalog can be tedious, though. So here is a list of the five best budget-friendly tools worth buying from Do It Best.

Do It Best 16 Oz. Smooth-Face Curved Claw Hammer

No toolbox is complete without a good hammer. Everyone should have one in their kit. Otherwise, you won't be able to do so much as hang a picture frame. You don't need to spend a ton of money on a construction-grade hammer, though. There are plenty of simple options that can do the job just fine.

Do It Best manufacturers and sells a basic 16 oz. Smooth-Face Curved Claw Hammer that should be more than capable of driving and pulling nails in simple home projects. 16 oz. is standard for most home tool kits, which makes it a good option for general-purpose use. This hammer also has a solid hickory handle. Hickory doesn't have the shock absorption of a rubber grip, but this straight-grain wood is actually more shock-absorbent than other species of wood. This, along with its strength and durability, is why hickory has been a popular choice for tool handles for a long time.

This hammer retails for $13.49. You might be able to find a cheaper option at a store known for budget-friendly tools, such as Harbor Freight, but this hammer is certainly going to cost less than a name-brand tool from a company like Milwaukee or DeWalt.