Things To Consider When Choosing A New Honda ATV

It's difficult to imagine, but there was a time not long ago when ATVs didn't exist as you know them today. While motorcycles have been around for over a century, the 4-wheel ATV didn't debut until the mid-1980s. Prior to that, Honda was the main driving force that propelled this vehicle into popularity, although its first models only had three wheels. In fact, the Honda ATC250R released in 1981 is considered the first performance-oriented ATV and it had one wheel in front and two in back. Although it would eventually be banned in the U.S., the Honda ATC fetches quite the price today because of that notoriety. But it wasn't just off-road enthusiasts who were interested in this vehicle, as farmers and ranchers were also able to find several uses for it during daily operations.

Today, around 8% of the U.S. population owns an all-terrain vehicle or Quad Runner, according to SEMA. There is a variety of reasons the ATV has grown in popularity, with riders looking to experience the outdoors, complete chores, travel to remote areas, or even compete in the AMA ATV Motocross National Championship Series. There are different types of 4-wheelers, and you'll need to consider your options carefully before choosing a model.

Utility or sport?

When narrowing down which Honda ATV is right for you, the first choice is between the two main designs: Utility and sport. On the utility side, the ATVs feature a flat top surface on the vehicle's front and rear, including racks for stowing cargo and transporting materials. These workhorse 4-wheelers often feature more robust performance at slower speeds to better accomplish tasks like towing or even snow plowing. You can also ride this type of ATV for fun, use it for hunting, or introduce new riders, as it is more beginner-friendly than the faster sport versions. Helping those new to Powersports get more experience isn't just unique to ATVs; other products like these two affordable new Honda motorcycles put beginner riders first.

The sport ATVs emphasize speed, jumping, and tight cornering. Instead of racks on the front and back, the sport variant ditches those extras to keep weight down and adds features like rounded fenders. The suspension is greatly enhanced to help absorb the impact of aerial vaults as riders tackle hills at high speeds. The sport models are a fantastic choice if you're looking to use an ATV for purely fun — just be sure to keep some WD-40 handy to help clean your ATV after each ride.

Power and options

Another consideration when adding an ATV to your collection is how much power you need. In terms of the Honda sport models, the TRX90X is ideal for younger riders as it comes equipped with a smaller 86cc engine. The larger TRX250X offers a more hefty 229cc engine that will undoubtedly provide more white knuckle thrills but requires more experience to operate. Regarding the utility ATVs, Honda provides the FOURTRAX Recon, which puts the power of 229ccs at your fingertips. However, if you require something substantially more robust, the FOURTRAX Rincon comes equipped with a massive 675cc engine.

Some Honda models, like the FOURTRAX Rincon, provide a fully automatic transmission and the option to select between 2WD and 4WD with a switch toggle. Conversely, the FOURTRAX Recon requires manual shifting but does offer a version that includes handlebar shifting buttons. Honda's sport ATV models, like the TRX90X, include a transmission that doesn't require the driver to use a clutch but still must be manually shifted. Particularly for new riders or youngsters, the clutch-less system can help them learn to shift without stalling the engine.