10 Products Apple Will Never Make (But We Still Wish It Would)

As one of the most valuable companies in the world, it's to be expected that Apple has released a metric ton of products over the years, from Macs to iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and more. However, for as many things as Apple does, there are plenty of things that it will probably never make. The company's leanings toward simplicity date back to Steve Jobs' return and his implementation of the four-square approach to its product lineup. This approach saw Apple cut down from selling well over 10 separate models of computers at one time, to merely four models aimed at different niches, and it has defined the rest of Apple's product lineup ever since.

This urge to keep things simple has led to a fairly conservative approach to new products. Some ideas, Apple could certainly make, but likely still won't, and others are simply too far outside of Apple's wheelhouse to reasonably see it as a potential future product. Apple makes lots of products you can get elsewhere, but its uniquely Apple style and polish is what sets them apart. So let's have a little fun, and imagine what that characteristic "Apple experience" would be like on something new. 

An e-ink e-reader

In a lineup of iPads with high-resolution displays and vibrant colors, the idea of an e-ink e-reader from Apple might seem like a step-down. But imagine the convenience of a device that packs the ludicrous battery life of an e-ink display and the features and connectivity Apple is renowned for.

Picture it: A sleek and lightweight device adorned with Apple's signature design aesthetic, featuring an e-ink display to rival Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite. Although the Kindle may be the overall better platform for reading, with a few tweaks Apple's Books app could easily rival Amazon's e-book titan status. Moreover, the app would, hypothetically, translate well to an e-ink display.

An Apple e-ink e-reader could integrate seamlessly with the Apple Books ecosystem, offering access to a vast library of titles and audiobooks with the tap of a finger. Imagine the convenience of syncing your progress across all your Apple devices, seamlessly transitioning from your Mac to your iPhone to your e-reader without missing a beat.

Such a device could also slot easily into the iPad lineup as the absolute budget option, especially if you only want an e-reader, rather than a full tablet. Although there were rumors a couple of years ago that Apple was experimenting with e-ink technology for future foldable devices, more recent rumors suggest the company still hasn't settled on a perfect solution for its folding tech.