5 Harbor Freight Finds That Will Come In Handy During Spring Cleaning

Spring is in full swing, and that means a veritable storm of cut grass, tree pollen, and other miscellaneous contaminants have likely already covered your car and the sides of your home. If you haven't gotten to your spring cleaning yet, that means all of those grody substances have joined the existing layers of dirt and dead plants leftover from the winter. Needless to say, you've got your work cut out for you if you're looking to get some in-depth cleaning done, much more work than you can realistically handle with just a bucket, a sponge, and some soapy water.

If you're looking to get an edge over the natural nastiness of the spring cleaning season, you might want to pay a visit to your local Harbor Freight location. Unlike some of the more diverse standalone hardware brands like Ryobi or Milwaukee, Harbor Freight and its various in-store brands tend to specialize more in traditional power tools than cleaning implements. Even so, if you know where to look, you can find some pretty nifty gadgets to help your cleaning crusade, especially if you're looking to clean up in a garage or workshop.

These Harbor Freight tools are backed up by positive feedback from casual and professional users. More information on our selection methodology is available at the bottom of the page.

HFT telescoping car wash mop

A wise man once said that the most important tool you can have for cleaning is a good mop. There's some truth to this; a good, reliable mop will help you scrub the obvious contaminants from most surfaces in and around your home. If you have a particular problem with dirt and pollen covering your outdoor surfaces, you'll want a mop with a good reach and good water retention. As it happens, these are two features of the HFT telescoping car wash mop.

This simple mop features a telescoping aluminum body that can extend out to a hefty 52 inches in length. At the end of that body is an 8-inch soft mop head, which can be used on its own for simple dusting and dirt removal or soaked for cleaning and washing. The head has a foam backing pad to help it better retain water while wet washing, ensuring the water actually goes where it needs to instead of flying everywhere.

As the 4.2 out of 5 ratings for this mop point out, it may be billed as a car wash mop and handles car cleaning excellently, but it's also effective on all kinds of surfaces. Users have used it to clean dirt off their fences, wipe smudges off both sides of windows, and wash wooden slat flooring. The HFT telescoping car wash mop is available at Harbor Freight for $12.99.