5 Budget-Friendly Tablet Accessories To Get A More Laptop-Like Experience

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You've committed to owning a tablet, and for good reason. They're portable and can do virtually anything a computer can. But what if you have one of those days when a laptop would be incredibly helpful? Maybe a big report snuck up on you while you're on the road, or there are just way too many client emails to try and answer. At that moment, you'd probably wish you had gone for the laptop.

Push the buyer's remorse aside, though, because there's a solution that won't cost you a ton of money and still allows you to enjoy that tablet experience. With how powerful tablets are today, they can be mini-PCs. At least with the right accessories, they can.

Thinking hard about the functions of a laptop, we compiled a list of five budget-friendly accessories that can help transform your tablet in times of need. To put this list together, we tried to stick to sub-$20 accessories, as you will need each of them, and we wanted to keep the overall price as low as possible.

Along with price, accessories were chosen based on personal experience, either specifically with the peripheral or extensive use of a brand. When I didn't have much hands-on time with a category, I turned to user and professional reviews, but I'll discuss our methodology a little later. For now, it's shopping time.

Kickstand case

Unless your tablet is brand new, you should already have a case. If not, let's save the scolding for another time. For now, let's focus on finding the perfect budget-friendly case that will help turn your tablet into a laptop.

While protection is the primary concern with a case, in this instance, you'll also want to look for a kickstand or trifold stand. You'll want to be able to angle your table like a laptop screen. One of our favorite options for its simplicity and low cost is Finti's Universal 9 to 10.1-inch Tablet Case with a multi-angle viewing stand. Fintie products are made to last, and for only $13, you can't go wrong with a multipurpose case that keeps your tablet safe and offers three viewing angles.

The issue? It's "universal" for three sizes only. In fact, a kickstand case is going to be the biggest headache because you need to pay close attention to compatibility. For example, this MoKo Kickstand Case is a wonderful value at $11, but it's only for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. You'll have the same limitation issues with Fintie's iPad Case.

Suppose you'd rather find a simple case for your tablet and not worry about viewing angles. In that case, you can instead opt for a more universal tablet stand. Ugreen's $12 stand is as simple as it gets, with a hinge designed to offer multiple viewing angles. You also typically can't go wrong with Amazon Basics, especially for $10.