5 Of The Coolest Widebody Muscle Cars And Kits

While some of the most popular widebody cars are Japanese or European vehicles, nobody is immune from the widebody treatment — not even muscle cars. And why should they be? Adding a bit of flare to your V8, straight-line machine to make it unique is precisely what muscle car owners have been doing for decades. So, it's no surprise that widebody kits have experienced a surge in popularity with the muscle car community.

What are muscle cars and what are widebody kits? Simply put, muscle cars have big, powerful engines (V8s in most cases) and are good at accelerating in a straight line. Throw some curves at 'em and they'll do okay, but a car crosses over into sports car territory if the focus shifts to handling and steering.

Whether constructed from carbon fiber, plastic, or metal, the widebody kit is a bit of bodywork that significantly widens a vehicle, typically by modifying the fenders and sometimes adding suspension mods to get the wheels/tires to match up with the new exterior. But which ones are the coolest? And are there any of the factory widebody cars that can compete with the coolest aftermarket setups?

Hoonicorn Mustang

Ken Block and the Hoonigan cars revolutionized the car world. They changed how we viewed what's possible in a car, especially if you have the budget to shut down public streets. The Hoonigan team showed us that your imagination is your only limit when you've got an ultra-talented rally driver and you're designing a car that's meant to display a complete disregard for the destruction of tires.

The Hoonicorn (also called the Hoonigan Mustang) was first featured in Gymkhana Seven, ripping through the streets of Los Angeles. To accommodate its wide all-wheel-drive setup and its wide wheels and tires, the Hoonicorn sports RTR carbon fiber body panels. Loosely based on a 1965 Ford Mustang, the Hoonicorn utterly transformed the look of an American icon. When it originally debuted, the Hoonicorn was producing 845 horsepower, but that number would eventually go up to an astonishing 1,400 horsepower with the second version.

The combination of insane horsepower, a tubular frame, all-wheel-drive in one of America's most sacred pony cars, and the epic backdrop of Downtown Los Angeles gave the widebody Hoonicorn instant status as a widebody legend.