4 Ways We Expect The 2025 Toyota 4Runner To Change - And Why It Needed A Redesign

Toyota is sitting on nameplate gold, but cashing that in is riding on the 2025 4Runner living up to a confusingly high bar. Expected to make its full appearance imminently, the all-new sixth-generation 4Runner certainly hasn't been fast to arrive. In fact, with the current SUV dating back to 2009, you could well accuse Toyota of being a little tardy with its attentions.

Certainly, a 4Runner update is something fans of the SUV have been calling out for. Yet, you could also make the case that Toyota's patience for this 2025 upgrade is a timely one. For one, it taps its current conflation of vehicle platform, in-cabin technology, and engine developments.

We've seen how those individual advances impact some of Toyota's most popular SUVs, trucks, and crossovers. Now, it's the 2025 4Runner's turn to bring them all together. The big question, then, is not only what Toyota is likely to do with its best-selling SUV, but why that'll be such a big deal to 4Runner fans.

The 2025 4Runner will probably use the new Tacoma's platform

With the current 4Runner now a decade and a half old, it's perhaps no surprise that the platform it runs on feels outdated. Toyota isn't expected to stray from the all-important body-on-frame design that SUV enthusiasts feel so strongly about, of course, but it's a fact of auto industry life that it can't simply build a truck for roaming the wilderness alone. The market has moved on, and for the 2025 4Runner, the expectation is that Toyota will look to the newest Tacoma for a platform buddy.

The Tacoma underpinnings are important because Toyota's midsize pickup has seen a significant glow-up itself, recently. The fourth-generation truck tapped the TNGA-F body-on-frame platform, in the process promising not only the same off-road talents that long-time enthusiasts have loved, but a genuine uptick in on-road refinement with it.

That's a tough balance to strike, but Toyota seems to have achieved it. Our own experience with the 2024 Tacoma off-road made clear that the newest iteration of the pickup was still content out in the rough stuff. However, when we reviewed the new Tacoma on the road, the difference between the faintly agricultural old pickup and this new model was vast. If the 2025 4Runner can channel that same rugged/refinement combination, that would be a big step forward compared to the existing SUV.