Brian Myers

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Savannah, GA
Western Governor's University, Missouri Western State University
Serial Killers, Classic Television, The Simpsons
  • Brian's obsessions with the paranormal and true crime had led him to countless alleged ghostly "hot spots" and murder scenes. Notably, Brian spent the night in the infamous Villisca, Iowa Ax Murder House on the anniversary of the brutal murders.
  • Brian has seen every episode of "The Simpsons" too many times to count and has a Simpsons character quote for every occasion.
  • If there is a book or an article on Charlie Manson, Brian has probably read it twice.


After years writing about local music and politics, Brian began writing about his other passions. Always one for a good ghost story or a tale involving a serial killer, Brian took his pen on the road and began writing about the things that make our skin crawl. Brian spent several years tech writing for the automotive industry before coming on board with Grunge. Additionally, for a decade, Brian hosted a show on a local radio station in Missouri, carefully curating the old doom metal, thrash, and punk rock that formed him into the aging punker that he is today. Aside from Grunge, he has written about his travel adventures with Tripmemos and is currently writing a book on chilling ghost stories from the Midwest.


Brian earned a B.S. in Marketing Management from WGU in 2017. The extensive writing projects undertaken and completed to earn this degree helped shape Brian into a better writer.
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