Shane O'Neill

Photo of Shane O'Neill
Rochester, New York
University At Buffalo
Physical And Streaming Media, Retro Video Games, Cameras
  • Shane has always been fascinated with how things work, tinkering with his electronics from an early age.
  • Through his filmmaking studies and pursuit of it as a career, he has become well-acquainted with the ins and outs of cameras, sound equipment, editing bays, and more.
  • He is particularly interested in the collection and preservation of physical media, becoming quite skilled in the maintenance of virtually all of its forms, in addition to equipment like VCRs, DVD players, and CRT TVs.


From a young age, Shane took a vested interest in the inner workings of virtually all pieces of technology (gaming consoles, televisions, film equipment, it didn't matter). He wanted to learn as much as he could and did so through a variety of hands-on tech and mechanical projects. While he has largely pursued these interests as hobbies, the knowledge he has acquired over the years has led him to MillionByte, where he's eager to discuss the ever-changing worlds of technology, animation, science, and more.


Shane graduated magna cum laude from the University at Buffalo in 2021 with his bachelor's degree in film studies.
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