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5 Hidden Features You Could Be Using On Your Samsung Smart TV
Multi View
Multi View can be a blessing for larger families, as it displays up to two screens from different sources. It can either appear as a small screen or be split evenly.
Press the Home button on your Samsung TV's remote and select Multi View to use it. Afterward, follow the instructions to customize the view to your preferred output style.
Tap View
While most people likely know about screen mirroring, some Samsung TVs have a special Tap View feature, where you can share your screen by tapping it on your smart TV.
You can set it up by opening the SmartThings app on your Samsung phone or tablet, tapping Menu, Settings, and then Tap View to toggle the switch.
Customizing your Smart Hub layout on your TV can make finding features you use often easier. You can also use Smart Hub to manage other smart devices in your home.
The SmartThings app allows you to access compatible devices and activate them remotely. Sign in to your Samsung account on your mobile phone and sync with your smart TV.
You can use a camera and AI technology to control your smart TV using gestures. To begin, go to your Home, select Menu, Connected Devices, and USB Camera.
Afterward, go back to Menu and select Settings. Choose All Settings, select Gesture from General & Privacy, Gesture Interaction, and follow the instructions.
TV Modes
Samsung smart TVs can enter various modes, such as Ambient Mode, which allows you to display personal images, household reminders, or even the weather.
You can do this by pressing the Ambient button or navigating to your TV's Home and selecting the Ambient icon. You can also enter Game Mode for a smoother gaming experience.