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5 Of Pontiac's Most Overlooked Muscle Cars
1965 Catalina 2+2
While the Bonneville was Pontiac’s top-of-the-line car then, the 1965 Catalina 2+2 shared similar powertrain options at a lower-end price.
The car featured a 338 horsepower, four-barrel, 421-cube V-8 as standard equipment. However, the Catalina also had several issues, such as the valve cover gaskets leaking.
1977 LeMans Can Am
Despite being a larger car promising more space for the family, the engine under the 1977 LeMans Can Am’s hood proved it was still a muscle car at heart.
It featured the same engine as the Trans Am, with a 400 cubic inch V-8 and the Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 automatic transmission.
1971 GT-37
Referred to as the “poor man’s GTO,” the 1971 GT-37 was still a performance vehicle with a 400 cubic inch engine that could be upgraded to a 455 cubic inch engine.
While the GTO overshadowed it, the GT-37 began getting attention when people started looking at rebuilding these classic muscle cars as they had similar power to others.
1969 Grand Prix
The 1969 Grand Prix may have been a mid-sized vehicle, but it wasn’t any less of a muscle car. It came with a 370-horsepower 428 engine or 390-horsepower 428 H.O.
While it may have been overlooked because of its luxury styling, under the hood, the Grand Prix had everything you’d want in a muscle car.
1973 GTO
The new federal regulations that came into play to quell pollution in 1973 resulted in a GTO with much of its power taken out despite having a 400 cubic inch V-8 engine.
Although some muscle car enthusiasts look sideways at the 1973 GTO, its impressive handling and power still make it a great vehicle.