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Amazon Drive Is Getting The Axe
Amazon has confirmed it will shut down Amazon Drive and replace it with Amazon Photos; however, Photos is not a total replacement for Drive, and some of the files stored on Drive will be deleted forever if they're not downloaded before the service shuts down. If you are a customer, you need to know about the switch, and how much time you have to save your files.
Amazon Drive's official sunsetting date is December 31, 2023, so customers have more than a year to access files. To encourage file removal, as of January 31, 2023, you will no longer be able to upload new files to Drive, but will still be able to view and download everything previously uploaded. As 2023 ends, Drive will retire, and any files left behind will be gone.
If you have used Amazon Drive primarily for photos and videos, you don't have to worry — photos have automatically been saved to Amazon Photos, except those in a strange format. Any other files will need to be manually downloaded, and it's simple enough — head to Drive, log in to your account, and go through your folders to choose the files you want to download.