PlayStation 5s with controllers
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Here's How To Turn Your Phone Or Tablet Into A PlayStation Portal
While the PlayStation Portal device disappointed some gamers with its limitations and $200 price tag, you can actually replicate the portable console on some devices you already own.
You can do this by using PS Remote Play, the free official app that enables PlayStation 4 and 5 owners to play games installed on their console via a mobile device.
From your PS5, select the gear icon for settings in the upper right corner of the PS5 home screen and choose System. Then, select Remote Play and click Enable Remote Play.
Once your console has the option enabled, install the app on your phone or tablet. Open the app, select Sign In To PSN, and enter your PSN account login credentials.
Then tap the Confirm and Continue button on the data privacy prompt. Afterward, you can connect a wireless controller by selecting the Go To Bluetooth Settings button.
Tap either the PS4 or PS5 icon to select your console model, and then wait while the app searches over Wi-Fi for your console.
You can improve your PS Remote Play experience device by connecting a controller to your device, with the DualSense controller being the ideal option for PS5 owners.
Simply turn off your console, and then press and hold the PS and Create buttons on the controller until the light around the controller's trackpad blinks rapidly.
Open your mobile device's Bluetooth menu, tap the DualSense option, and wait for the controller to pair with the phone or tablet.
You may also want to purchase a phone mount for your controller so that you don't have to balance it somewhere precarious or strain your neck staring down at your desk.