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Here's How You Use Apple's Freeform App
If your iPhone runs on iOS 16.2 or later, you might have noticed a new app named Freeform. The app is a virtual whiteboard for writing and drawing.
While Freeform may be intimidating at first glance, getting started is simple. After opening the app, tap the three dots icon at the top and select "Rename" to title your project.
You can also hide the grid, duplicate your document, export it as a PDF, or print it from this menu. The app's tools let you draw, write, and add objects like sticky notes.
If you make a mistake, tap the undo button at the top left of your screen. Pinch your screen to zoom out or move the page in any direction when you run out of space.
To share your project or invite collaborators, tap the Share icon and select a recipient from your contacts list, or share via email, Slack, or any of your social media accounts.
You can use the preferences tab under the Board name to set access permissions, such as who can access and edit the file or invite others.