A person waiting inside a cold car during winter
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How Long You Should Wait For Your Car To Warm Up In Winter
There are many factors for vehicle owners to consider during the winter months, such as how long it takes to warm up their cars before use.
While the amount of time people take to warm their engine varies, the chief mechanic for Consumer Reports, John Ibbotson, says you only need to run it for 60 seconds.
Many choose to wait until their car is warm inside before driving, but this isn’t the best idea, as an idling vehicle wastes more fuel than simply turning the engine off and on.
Idling can have significant effects on the environment. The Department of Energy estimates that idling cars generates an excess of 58 million tons of CO2 emissions yearly.
Long-term exposure to emissions can also have adverse effects on your health. Rather than letting your car idle for warmth, you can use an alternative, like a portable car heater.