An M4 Sherman tank
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Ranking 10 Of The Most Legendary Tanks Of WW2
10. Churchill
First deployed by the U.K. in 1941, the A22 Infantry Tank Mk. IV, or Churchill tank, played a significant role in numerous military operations, including the Normandy invasion.
Due to the Churchills’ exceptional armor and longer-than-average tracks, the vehicle could support troops and take on enemies in locations other tanks couldn’t reach.
9. StuG III
The Sturmgeschütz III, or StuG III tank, served various uses, with one even being modified with radio equipment and an antenna to be used as a remote control tank.
The StuG III’s three-section design added to its versatility. Protective measures such as the angled heavy armor plate protected the front compartment.
8. M3 Stuart
With its max speed of 36 miles per hour and relatively lightweight design, the M3 Stuart tank favored speed and maneuverability over power, earning it the nickname “Honey.”
While it didn’t exceed expectations in Europe, the M3 Stuart proved to be a valuable asset in the Pacific theater because of its maneuverability and ability to support other tanks.
7. Comet Cruiser Tank
The Comet Cruiser tank may not have been around as long as other tanks, but it still left a significant mark and continued to serve the British forces years after the war ended.
Equipped with a 77 mm gun and a heavy-sloped armor design, the Comet could travel 32 mph with a 125-mile range, making it a top choice for hasty missions.
6. Panzer V Panther
The German Panzer V Panther tank was well-traveled in World War II, being used for battles in Italy, France, Belgium, and Holland.
Its impressive firepower, quick maneuverability, and efficient sloped armor made the Panzer V Panther a terror on the battlefield.