People moving a refrigerator into a home.
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Ranking Major Refrigerator Brands, Worst To Best
9. Samsung
Samsung is one of the most well-known brands for household products, but its refrigerators are often unreliable and a hassle to repair.
While some praise Samsung’s spacious design and extra features, service professionals often suggest avoiding them due to frequent servicing needs and the lack of available parts.
8. LG
The sleek design and high-tech features of LG’s refrigerators are often a selling point for users but have led to expensive repairs in the long run.
The brand’s issues with reliable products and poor customer service hurt its standing. However, LG has made strides in addressing the problems and has lowered its yearly repairs.
7. Frigidaire
Although Frigidaire is the brand that created the first electric refrigerator, the company still has some kinks to work out in its products.
Frigidaire refrigerators look great and have optimal storage space, but these products can be noisy when operating and require service more frequently than other brands.
6. Bosch
Customers who have bought refrigerators from Bosch love their balance of reliability and sleek design, with the B36CL80ENS and B36CD50SNS being highly rated models.
The main complaints are the awkward interior layouts and the exterior dents fairly easily. Not all their fridges are equal, as some styles have issues with temperature regulation.
5. Beko
Beko is a relatively new brand in the United States but has thrived overseas since the 1950s. Their refrigerators are known for combining sustainability and unique designs.
The drawback to Beko is that the brand is still growing its U.S. market, meaning there are fewer options, and it could cost more if you need a larger refrigerator.