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Tesla is Finally Adding This Common Feature to Its Steering Wheels
When Tesla's steering yoke was introduced to the Model S and Model X in 2021, the unconventional steering wheel raised eyebrows. Instead of a big horn button at the center, Tesla designed an inconspicuous horn button on the top right of the yoke, prompting some drivers to complain that it was difficult to locate the horn in emergencies and almost caused accidents.
However, it now seems Tesla finally listened to some customers who weren't happy about its steering yoke features, as Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that cars made since November 2021 will have the option of a push center horn. After a software update, Tesla drivers with a steering yoke will be able to activate the horn by pressing their palms against the right side.
According to Electrek, Tesla could also be planning to offer a round steering wheel in the future as an alternative to the steering yoke. This was discovered after a Tesla hacker uploaded a screenshot on Twitter of Tesla's service tools with an option to choose between a yoke or round steering wheel; however, Tesla hasn’t confirmed if it will offer the traditional steering wheel.