BMW M 1000 RR at a track
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The 12 Fastest Motorcycles To Ever Be Built
RSV4 Factory 1100
Aprilia’s latest RSV4 Factory is built for high-speed track thrills. Several improvements over previous generations make it faster and easier to ride.
While Aprilia claims the bike exceeds 189 mph, it’s not specified by how much. Some tests found it capable of reaching 200 mph, although this hasn’t been officially verified.
M 1000 RR
The BMW M 1000 RR is the company’s most expensive motorcycle at $38,750 and has an officially quoted top speed of 195 mph, an increase of 5 mph over the previous iteration.
The M 1000 RR had much to live up to as a flagship superbike. Its 2023 model has more than delivered, with an increased top speed and close to 40% extra downforce.
Electric motorcycles like the Damon HyperSport might still be in their infancy, but they’re already claiming performance figures that compete with the industry’s best.
The HyperSport is officially claimed to reach 200 mph, producing 200 horsepower and a 200-mile travel range. Both the HyperSport and its Premier model boast the same speed.
Panigale V4 R
Ducati’s Panigale V4 R has up to 240.5 horsepower available in its track-only configuration. While its top speed wasn’t officially published, the former model could reach 202 mph.
The Panigale V4 R draws on Ducati’s racing expertise in the MotoGP and World Superbike championships and is the closest production bike to the brand’s racing prototypes.
Not only is the Lightning LS-218 one of the earliest production electric superbikes, but it also remains one of the best EV motorcycles on the market.
With a top speed of 218 mph, it remains the world’s fastest production electric motorcycle and one of the fastest road-legal motorcycles ever made.