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The Major Road Problem Tesla Is Close To Solving
Tesla aims to protect its EVs from potholes via a new feature called Tesla Adaptive Suspension that will automatically scan the road for these problems and accordingly adjust the suspension system to minimize the risks of underbody damage. The feature will be part of the version 2022.20 software update, but there is a small caveat.
The automatic suspension adjustment will only happen if there's a surface map of the road ahead already available in Tesla's database for that particular region. The automaker is banking on a crowd-sourced approach for generating some sort of a pothole map — as promised by Elon Musk back in 2020 — that will be available to all Tesla vehicles coursing through an area.
Aside from reducing the risk of part damage, adjusting a car's height while crossing a pothole also ensures comfort for the passengers. As long as the feature is active, the driver will see an indicator for it on the instrument cluster. To enable the new feature, Tesla owners need to follow this path: Controls > Suspension > Adaptive Suspension Damping > Comfort / Auto Setting.