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The Most Impressive Engines Ever Made By Ford
Ford 427 Cammer
In response to Chrysler’s racing 426 Hemi engine during the 1960s, Ford engineers took a 427 block and built a new head that would significantly raise its output.
These 427 Cammer engines were capable of more than 500 horsepower and became a favorite of drag racers, fueling the rise of the Funny Car class.
SHO Taurus V6
Three years into the Taurus production run, in 1989, Ford would produce a special high-performance edition called the SHO Taurus, featuring a brilliant V6 engine.
Taking the V6 block from its Vulcan line, Ford contracted with Yamaha to develop a sophisticated high-output engine capable of producing 220 horsepower.
Koenigsegg V8
While the Koenigsegg supercar is a Swedish-made vehicle, the automaker used an engine known for its strength and durability: the Ford Modular DOHC V8.
The CC8S, the company’s first model, uses a supercharged version of the Modular V8 to
produce 655 horsepower thanks to significant upgrades, including forged pistons and rods.
Lotus-Ford Twin-Cam
Lotus has a long history with advanced engineering and has built many original engines; however, the automaker has relied on other manufacturers, such as Ford.
Lotus struck a deal with Ford for the Lotus Seven, who supplied the automaker with a European 1.6-liter engine with five main bearing caps capable of 105 horsepower.
Ford Boss 429 V8
While the 429 Super Cobra Jet was capable of nearly 400 horsepower, Ford built the improved Mustang Boss 429 to take dominance away from Chrysler on the race track.
The engine would have a limited production run of only two years, but Ford did well with the Boss 429 Mustang, winning 26 races with it.