Providence, RI, USA - March 13, 2011: A white Nintendo Wii console and WiiMote controller made by Nintendo isolated on a white background on a reflective surface
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The Nintendo Wii Supreme Is the Most Expensive Game Console Ever Created
When the Nintendo Wii officially debuted in 2006, it became among the company's most successful home consoles, selling about 100 million units at $249 apiece. Unbeknownst to Nintendo, however, were the various unofficial luxury variants of its popular console, and one of these versions was the Wii Supreme, the most expensive game console ever created.
Rocking over 2,500 grams of 22-karat solid gold, the Wii Supreme came with flawless diamonds for its buttons and an extravagant price of £299,995 (about $365,000). It took six months to build what Stuart Hughes, the creators, deemed as the “ultimate gaming station,” and production was limited to only three units — but is the luxury console worth the money?
Only time will tell if the Wii Supreme’s value will hold up in the long run, but one thing’s certain: The buyer’s going to have a hard time finding parts for it given that Nintendo’s already shuttered the doors of its Wii servicing. Perhaps the Wii Supreme isn't even meant to be played on, but rather, simply something to be gawked at as a collector's pièce de résistance.