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The Top 12 iPhone Accessories Out Right Now
MagSafe Charger
Although there are plenty of aftermarket wireless charging docks of all shapes and sizes, the Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger is probably the most convenient.
The MagSafe allows for a simple, magnetic attachment that clicks right into place on the back of your phone. This quick and easy-to-use charger retails for only $40.
Apple Watch 9
With the introduction of the Series 9, the Apple Watch continues to enhance user experience with innovations such as the new double-tap feature.
Apple Watches are a stylish accessory and a great device, with the Series 9 receiving significant improvements over the previous generation.
AirPods Pro
Apple's AirPods stand out in the wireless earbud market thanks to their many advanced features. The Pro version further improves on the base model with adjustable ear tips.
Additionally, the AirPods Pro has sophisticated noise-cancellation capabilities, allowing you to filter out certain sounds while allowing others to come through normally.
Whether you use it in your luggage or on your key ring, the Apple AirTags can help you locate your lost items by allowing you to track them with GPS.
The internet is filled with stories of the AirTags helping their owners recover stolen property and thwarting potential thefts. Some owners have even used them for their cars and pets.
OtterBox Case
Since most users will inevitably drop their smartphones, it's a good idea to protect your iPhone with a case, such as a hard shell OtterBox case.
OtterBox has an excellent reputation for resiliency, offering nearly indestructible cases that are waterproof as long as the protective structure isn't compromised.