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The Worst Toyota Tundra Model Year That You Need To Avoid
Every great lineup of cars or trucks has at least one model year that isn’t the best, and even a powerhouse company like Toyota can fall victim to a drop in the quality of a specific model, which happened to its iconic Tundra. Fortunately, the truck recovered after this, but there is one specific model year that consumers should avoid at all costs.
Prospective buyers should stay away from the 2012 Toyota Tundra, based on a combination of consumer reviews and reported repair costs. These are important metrics because they measure the driver's experience with the 2012 Toyota Tundra, and consumers shouldn’t forget that a bad car or truck truly gets in the way of life.
Owners of the 2012 Tundra experienced issues with the air induction pump around 74,000 miles, which was expensive to fix at an average of $3,100. Plus, the truck had many cases of premature transmission failure, which typically happened before the 10,000-mile mark and had an average cost of about $5,000 to be repaired.