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This Record-Setting Tesla Model S Has Clocked Over 1 Million Miles
Hansjörg Gemmingen’s second-hand Tesla Model S racked up more than a million miles on the odometer in the five years after he bought it — a feat that may have just earned it a spot in the Guinness World Records. However, other Tesla owners looking to emulate Gemmingen’s impressive milestone might change their minds when they get a peek at his service record.
The Model S is the most costly Tesla to maintain, with repairs capable of reaching over $4,000. On Twitter, Gemmingen broke down his repairs, citing how unreliable its drive unit is and how he had to replace it three times. Fortunately, his battery experience was a lot better, and he only had to replace it once; still, the battery replacement bills can run as high as $22,600.
While Gemmingen is an avid Tesla fan who still wants to reach even higher milestones with his Model S, he allegedly feels slighted by Tesla because the automaker has not responded to him after he reached out to share his record-setting aspirations. He is reportedly considering starting new records with a Lucid Air instead, which provides more mileage per charge than a Model S.