Why You Need To Stop Charging Your Android Phone To 100%
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There are plenty of ways you, the average Android smartphone user, can improve your battery life in the short term, but one of the most important is bearing in mind the direct correlation between your battery’s life span and the number of times you charge your phone. The more full charge cycles, from zero to 100%, your phone experiences, the faster the battery will degrade.
Most phone batteries have between 400 to 500 charge cycles before a user needs to go shopping for a new one, since most modern smartphones aren't user-friendly regarding battery replacement. Android manufacturers such as Samsung also state that users should keep their batteries charged up to 50% capacity or above at all times and avoid charging them to 100%.
Charging temperatures also come into consideration here, and the general recommendation is to aim for 32-95 degrees Fahrenheit — or 0 to 35 degrees Celsius — whenever you're charging, since phones lack active cooling and may overheat. You also want to make sure you disconnect your phone once it's charged and avoid start-stop charging, or leaving it plugged in overnight.